He's like our Keller.
Pale beer even if slightly veiled, extremely easy to drink. It is fully appreciated thanks to maturity. Luca always has one in hand because he misunderstood and hopes it will help to reach that coveted maturity not only in beer!


He has been known to drink like he combs his hair. Those who don't know him might think that he chooses beers in a totally random way, but after years of closeness we have understood how he is a pioneer of the "strange way".
Polenta and ragu in beer? He's already dreaming!


The beating heart of our brewery is our amazing staff. Every day, the team does its utmost to ensure an unforgettable experience for all those who cross the threshold of our restaurant.

Kindness and cordiality are fundamental values for us. Each member of our staff is chosen not only for their professional skills, but also for their ability to put customers at the center of attention.

But it's not just kindness that defines our team. Customer care is a top priority. Every detail, from the recommendations on beers to pair with the dishes, to the prompt and attentive service, reflects our staff's commitment to ensuring a superior experience. They are the ones who keep alive the warm and lively atmosphere that characterizes our place.

Ultimately, it is thanks to the dedication and passion of our staff that our brewery continues to thrive. We are grateful to have such an outstanding team who make every visit a memorable moment.


Those who make our place really special: YOU, our loyal customers. Every day, with your smile, your happiness and your constant presence, you enrich the heart of our brewery in ways that words struggle to describe.

You are much more than just customers: you are an integral part of our family. Your loyalty and your support are the driving force that motivates us to constantly improve, to always offer you new taste experiences and to keep the quality of our services high.

Without you, our restaurant could not exist. Every moment spent together is a gift that we deeply appreciate. You have accompanied us in our successes and achievements, and we look forward to sharing many more unforgettable moments with you.

Whether you are here for a refreshing beer, to taste the delicacies of our menu or simply to spend time with friends, know that your presence is what makes our brewery a unique and warm place.

Heartfelt thanks for your affection, your loyalty and for every shared moment. We can't wait to toast together to the future and all the adventures it holds for us.